Rabbi Zalman Kravitz

SMARTalks Director

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Missionary Impossible

This dynamic program outlines missionary tactics, differences between Judaism and Christianity, and provides the tools and knowledge you need to respond confidently to anyone who challenges your faith.

WANTED: The Jewish Messiah

Does the Bible provide a clear template for who the Messiah will be and what he will do? How do we know if this template is trustworthy? This session offers refreshing insights into this fascinating issue and examines how Christianity

SIBLING RIVALRY: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

In this session, we will explore how Christianity and Islam each interpret the stories in Bereshit to further their narrative and bring legitimacy their claims to being the rightful heir to the legacy of Abraham.

Is Religion Killing Judaism?

Join us as we explore the preference for spirituality over religion, the sentiment that religion is a “crutch for those who need it” and the contention that religions divide people, thereby causing strife in the world.

Rabbi Kravitz Will Captivate Your Audience As a thought leader for the Jewish community ... Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz has committed his life to the education and support of the Jewish community. He is available to speak at your community gathering or special event, on a variety of passionate topics.

A world-renowned speaker his message inspires, transforms and delights individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Additional Topics

  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Missionary Impossible
  • SMARTalks
  • A Rabbi Cross Examines the Whole of Christianity - Kabbalah and the Red String
  • Is “Religion” Killing Judaism?
  • Fundamentalism in the 20th Century
  • What Can We Learn from Jews Who Stray to Other Religions?
  • Jewish Spirituality and Personal Growth
  • The Mystical Meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet
  • The Real Messiah
  • Meeting Today's Challenges to Jewish Survival
  • Empowering Our Youth
  • Combating Antisemitism
  • Anti-Israel Sentiments; the New Face of Anti-Semitism - Noahide Laws: the Path for Non-Jews