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5 Surprising Facts About Judaism

Including you don’t need to be Jewish to get to Heaven.

1. We are meant to savor the pleasures of the world: The Jerusalem Talmud says that God will take us to task for not partaking in permissible pleasures of this world ((Kiddushin, 4:12)). God didn’t put the delights of this world here to tease us. Enjoy that hot fudge sundae, but do it mindfully, like [Read More]

All You Need is Love

Judaism is commonly understood to be a very action oriented religion. We’ve even come to describe commitment to Judaism based upon levels of “observance”. Demographers and community planners are drawn to visible indicators of Jewish commitment that can be quantified – Shabbat, Kashrut, Tzedakah, Torah study and involvement with Israel. Yet the Torah repeatedly whispers [Read More]


Ever use an air pump to inflate a bicycle tire or a basketball? When you push down on the pump handle, you get the sensation that the pump is pushing back. Well, of course, it is. In the middle of the seventh century, the English scientist Robert Hooke developed an explanation for such behavior. He [Read More]


If you were asked “What entity in the world brings the most joy” – how would you respond? If we were to take a poll of the answers, there might be as many different responses as there are participants. I can imagine someone answering that his pet pooch “Bowser” brings the most happiness. One clever [Read More]

Is Religion Killing Judaism?

>This revealing presentation examines some of the negative stereotypes that people have about religion and how Judaism suffers by association. The issues addressed include today’s preference for spirituality over religion, the sentiment that religion is a “crutch for those who need it” and the contention that religions divide people, thereby causing strife in the world. [Read More]