The Battle for Jewish Survival

December 2023


This may be the most difficult letter I have ever written because the horrific events in Israel and the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide are a Battle for Jewish Survival.

While our hearts and support are dedicated to ending this horrible situation, there is a battle raging on another front: the Battle for Jewish Identity.

Missionaries in Israel have taken advantage of the war and are sharing the Gospel on street corners in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Shamefully, missionaries are positioned outside IDF army bases and they are proselytizing soldiers. Additionally, various missionaries, including the well-funded “One For Israel” ministry centered in Netanya, are flooding social media with sophisticated propaganda.

Many Jewish people were infuriated when an ad popped up online inviting people to One For Israel’s website with a banner proclaiming, “The Best Way To Bless Israel Is With Jesus.” This is a spiritual attack on our Jewish Identity.

One Israeli who visited this missionary website was confused by its message. Fortunately, she contacted Jews for Judaism for support and counseling. We are providing her with resources, including videos, articles, booklets, and counseling.

Because we are inundated with painful and frightening news, I decided to focus this letter on positive stories of individuals we have recently helped.

As you read these short inspirational stories, know that it was your greatly appreciated support of Jews for Judaism that made them possible. Your renewed support at this time will help us save many more people in the Battle for Jewish Survival and Jewish Identity.

A mother from New York sent us the following message:

We were shocked when we discovered that David, our 15-year-old son, was speaking with missionaries. Over time they presented arguments that he had never heard, and he was frustrated by their numerous proof texts.

After discovering Jews for Judaism’s impressive website, we sent a frantic email requesting help, and we received a reassuring response in less than 24 hours.

The next day, Rabbi Kravitz and our son spoke for almost 2 hours and afterwards, David told us he realized that the missionaries had misled him and that he now wants to explore Judaism with more passion than ever before. I can’t thank you enough. — Rebecca M.

Recently we helped a woman in Israel who wrote the following email:

I was born Jewish but grew up “messianic” and left it many years ago. When I made Aliyah to Israel, it didn’t seem at the time that I would need to remember the verses and proof-texts from that past life. Unfortunately, with the rise of missionary activity in the streets and online, I find myself helping others who have been approached by missionaries.

Jews for Judaism’s weekly Spiritual Insights and “Know How To Answer” booklet are incredibly helpful resources. I download copies in Hebrew and English and share them with Jews influenced by missionary arguments.

I’m grateful for your educational tools and resources.— Shayna P.

These two testimonials demonstrate the success of Jews for Judaism in keeping Jews Jewish. Many more people have been helped by Jews for Judaism, and there are others who still need our assistance.

The IDF is bravely fighting on the ground, and Jews for Judaism is fighting the Battle for Jewish Survival and Jewish Identity.

While it is important that you contribute to the war effort in Israel, I urge you to also continue or increase your support to the vital work of Jews for Judaism because together we can keep Jews Jewish and support Israel by strengthening Jewish pride.

In the same way the Maccabees defeated our enemies; may this Chanukah be a time when we celebrate another survival miracle with the victory of the Jewish people over the forces who seek our annihilation.

Thank you and Happy Chanukah,

Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz

P.S. Please send your Chanukah and Year-End tax-deductible contribution as soon as possible by mail or conveniently donate online at JewsforJudaism.org/donate because with your support we can ensure the survival of our Jewish people.

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