Why Jesus Didn't Have to Die to Atone for Sin

Why Jesus didn't have to Die to Atone for Sin? Find out in this interesting video.

Basically what we've covered to date is an understanding of what the Jewish Bible teaches about the concept of the Messiah where you would be able to find basically a vision of what the Messiah is in the Jewish Bible and given that template, given those criteria, we understand that the Messiah has not yet come. We then began analyzing a Christian case for Jesus which included the appeal to miracles and understanding why that doesn't really substantiate someone's claim to doing Messiah and we began looking at maybe understanding psychologically how it was possible for people to hold on to a belief in someone who failed as the Messiah. Last week, we began looking at the whole enterprise of what we call proof texting. Proof texting means that the Bible is employed, the Bible is used to prove right when someone wants to assert and so last week we basically introduced the idea that when Christian missionaries try to employ the Hebrew Bible. The missionaries try to use to prove not just that Jesus is the Messiah but really to prove all of their doctrines. So we saw last week that these proofs are based upon certain typical misreading of the Hebrew Scriptures, they're almost all based upon circular reasoning meaning they're all based upon the assumption of their conclusion before they actually go through the process of proving it, meaning the proofs only work because they have to assert the conclusion at the beginning of the process.

Once they have achieved their goal, i.e., once they assert their belief then they simply go back to find material in the Bible that seems to back up that previously arrived at belief. But we saw that it's not a belief which flows from the Bible it's only a belief that can be somehow shoehorned back into the Bible and we saw that of the hands of their enemies. In Psalm chapter 20 if you look in verse 6 we see something interesting here. God saves his Messiah right here God saves His Anointed One. It is interesting somehow that the Messiah needs saving here, we could continue on this but stopping now. But you see that if you've followed along what does the idea of salvation mean in the Hebrew Bible how you would define this concept of salvation or saviors. In the Hebrew Scriptures there would be saying from physical harm, right from physical or political danger that's what's going on there's someone in danger physically politically and they're rescued basically that's what's going on in the Bible. Remember the criteria we had to be clear and consistent over and over again. That's how the Bible describes this idea of salvation the Bible doesn't say over and over again that we will be saved, people will save us from our sins we'll see why - Find out more in the video.

This lecture By Rabbi Michael Skobac, Education Director of Jews forJudaism is Session #5 of a 12-part lecture series entitled the "Counter-Missionary Survival Seminar", which responds to the 2,000 year-old claim by Christian missionaries that Jesus is the Jewish messiah. Using the Jewish Bible, where the concept of the Jewish Messiah has its foundation, Rabbi Skobac explains how two Billion Christians are wrong and that Judaism is correct in rejecting Jesus as the Messiah. .