Who is The King of Israel Today? Exposing a missionary misconception

WHO IS THE KING OF ISRAEL TODAY? Exposing the fault lines of a missionary assertion – Rabbi Skobac

A popular missionary claim is that, based upon Genesis 49:10, once Israel has a king from the line of Judah, there always has to be an unbroken line of kings up to this day. Christians insist that Jesus is that reigning king.

Of course, Jesus was never anointed king of Israel, and never spent one minute reigning as king during his lifetime.

In this video Rabbi Michael Skobac explains why the entire missionary premise is based upon a faulty understanding of the passage from Genesis 49.

In truth, the Bible never claims that there will always be a king from the line of Judah reigning as king of Israel. Rather, it is very clear from several scriptural sources, that the tribe of Judah will always be the legitimate Kingly line. David was promised that there will always be someone from his lineage, through his son King Solomon, available to assume the kingship at the appropriate time. But there is no promise that once David reigned as king, there will always be a descendant of his sitting on the throne.

The Bible clearly teaches that there will be a long period of time when Israel will be without a king, but that one day, a descendant of David will once again reign as King of Israel. This king will be the Bible's promised Messiah who we still await.