What Does Sara's Death Have To Do With King David?

What does the deal of Sara have to do with King David? Welcome to another episode of Parsha with Rabbi Kravitz. This week's Parsha is Chayei Sarah.

The Parsha opens by telling us that Sarah dies at age 127 and is buried in the Machpelah Cave in Hebron, which Abraham purchases from Ephron the Hittite for four hundred shekels of silver.

This week's haftorah describes an aging King David, echoing this week's Torah reading, which mentions that "Abraham was was old, advanced in days." Close to the end of the Haftorah the prophet, Nathan encouraged Bat Sheva, mother of Solomon, to approach King David and plead with him to reaffirm his choice of Solomon as his successor.

Rabbi Kravitz explores the connection between these two stories and elaborates on the meaning of the work Moshiach.

Shabbat Shalom.


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