THE MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY is Part #1 of a 4-part video series entitled YOU ARE MY WITNESSES: A Traditional Jewish Response to Missionaries By Rabbi Yisroel C. Blumenthal. For a complete printed copy of the transcript, click this link: 



Part #1 of a 4-part video series entitled YOU ARE MY WITNESSES:

A Traditional Jewish Response to Missionaries, Presented by Michael Lebovic and Written by Rabbi Yisroel C. Blumenthal.

The Jewish-Christian polemic has always carried a sense of fascination for the Jew. The high drama of the battlefield contest between David and Goliath seems to be mirrored in the theological debate between the synagogue and the church. On the one side, you have the might of Christendom with all of her wealth, magnificent churches and myriads of adherents. And on the other side, you have the wandering Jew with the nightmares of his persecuted past etched into the lines on his face. But still, his eyes sparkle with eternal youth as he wields the only weapon in his arsenal, namely the plain truth, and the spectator gets to see another side of the invincible church. The flimsy foundations of the colossus are suddenly exposed in the pages of these debates.

This 4-part video series brings a fresh approach to this age-old debate. Instead of conforming to the format imposed by the church, this presentation follows a distinctly Jewish pattern. In place of the customary list of Christian arguments followed by appropriate responses, you will discover how the very basis of Jewish scripture precludes the doctrines of Christianity. As opposed to presenting a refutation to Christianity, we have chosen to articulate the foundations of Judaism. It is our fervent prayer that the nation who represents monotheism to the world will find strength and encouragement from this humble presentation

The goal of Judaism Resources is to bring the truth, the beauty and the strength of Judaism to those who seek it. We counter the false arguments of missionary groups such as Chosen People Ministries, Jews for Jesus, ASKDrBbrown, and others. We answer common questions such as: Why don't Jews believe in Jesus? Why don't Jews accept Jesus? We articulate the Jewish position on issues such as the Messiah, Torah, and atonement from sins.