JEWISH PRAYER and MEDITATION: Connecting with God with Rabbi Michael Skobac is the "third" of a 6-part lecture series called: DEEPENING JEWISH EXPERIENCE: The Spiritual Dimension

If you want to deepen your understanding of Judaism, are seeking more from your Jewish experience, or are just curious €” then this seminar is for you! In six stimulating sessions, Rabbi Skobac explores Jewish wisdom and inspirational teachings, discovering their profound relevance to your life. Enjoy!

The first value of the Talmud deals with prayer to a great extent and it says, Prayer is one of the loftiest things in the universe, it stands in the highest realms of the universe yet, the Talmud says that people treat it very lightly. They don't take prayer seriously, they take it for granted, often disparage prayer and they don't give it its due. So we are told that even though prayer is just about one of the greatest things that exists, people do not really treat it with the proper respect and care. We have so many statements in our literature about the greatness and loftiness of prayer, they say all that exists in this world stands on 3 things - Torah, acts of love and kindness and prayer/worship.

So it is one of the things that if we didn't have it then the world would not exist.