Five Ways to Have a Personal Relationship with God

REACHING FOR ETERNITY: Five Ways to Get Close to God and Have a Personal Relationship with God — Rabbi Michael Skobac

Judaism teaches that in creating man, God wanted to have a recipient to benefit from His goodness. Just like our earthly parents want their children to have the maximum life has to offer, God wants us to receive the greatest good and the greatest pleasure possible. Of course the greatest good is God Himself. Connecting with God is the greatest good possible and the most pleasurable experience a human is capable of having.

In this program, Rabbi Skobac discusses five pathways to getting close to God. These include:

1. Developing an appetite and desire to have a relationship with the Almighty
2. Serving God and being obedient to His will
3. Modeling our lives after the way He relates to mankind (ie. becoming generous givers like God)
4. Allowing ourselves to be awed by the masterpiece He painted called nature, and
5. Speaking directly to God in prayer just like you would speak with someone close to you