Christian missionaries insist that the New Testament is the inerrant word of God and the fulfillment of the Jewish Bible, the Tenach, which Christians mis-name the "Old Testament". In this special 2-hour lecture, Rabbi Michael Skobac offers a critical examination of the New Testament scriptures from a traditional Jewish perspective. 

The assertion of christianity is that God's revelation to the Jewish people and to others did not end with the canonization of the Jewish scriptures, the Tanach approximately 450 BCE. The Jewish Bible which we call the Tanach was put together in its final form approximately 450 BCE - we still have it today.

Christians insist that God's revelation did not end at that time, and they maintain that the Christian scriptures which were written approximately between 50 - 150 of the common era. They say it has an important message for the Jewish people.

If you have seen the Jewish Bible, it does not end by saying "to be continued" - that is important to realise. The Church struck a very strong blow for the credibility of their scriptures by  simply gluing it on to the back of a Jewish Bible! What a master stroke! Rather than having a separate Bible, they have the Tanach and their own New Testament, as a separate book - what they did was to put it into one big book calling it the Bible.


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