The Elephant And The Suit

The Elephant And The Suit - A Critical Review of Dr. Michael L. Brown's Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus

5 Volumes


Yisroel Chaim Blumenthal

Lag Ba'Omer 5770


You are the judge in town. The local prosecutor together with the police department has presented a criminal accusation against the wealthiest man in the state. The accused proceeded to hire the most capable legal team that money can buy. These lawyers spent long months preparing a case to exonerate their client, and the result of their work sits on your desk. You find yourself reading through a complex document that takes up well over 1000 pages. You read, you reread and you take notes. Then you sit back and reflect.

You realize that the lengthy legal presentation that you have just studied is riddled with flaws. Key issues that the prosecution has raised are not addressed in the document you have just read. Legal arguments that are forcefully emphasized in one section of the document contradict the arguments that are presented in other sections of the document. And you realize that these professional advocates have misrepresented some of the central facts of the case. You ask yourself, why did these experts do such a sloppy job? Are they incapable? Certainly not! These are people that are well known for their legal skills. Were they lacking motivation? Not at all! If they were to successfully clear their client's name, their reputations, to say nothing of their bank accounts, would be considerably enhanced.

Perhaps they did not have enough time to make their case? Again, no! They had all the time in the world.

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