Know What to Answer - Sin, Sacrifices and Atonement

In this booklet, Rabbi Kravitz reviews many of the core Jewish beliefs about Sin Sacrifices and the process of atonement.

Throughout history, Jews have been targeted for conversion to other religions. It is not a coincidence that today more Jews have converted than ever before. In Israel alone, more than 20,000 Jews consider themselves to be Messianic-Jews. There are a number of factors that have contributed to making this challenge more complex and serious:

1. In addition to Jews for Jesus, large numbers of Evangelical Christians have adopted the ploy of presenting Christianity in the guise of Judaism, thereby making their religion more appealing and comfortable for Jews.

2. Assimilation and intermarriage are at their highest level. Messianic Judaism can provide an easy solution to their conflicting heritage and faith.

3. The internet has revolutionized proselytizing by expanding its influence worldwide. The move from street corners to the internet has enabled missionaries to reach unsuspecting Jews within the privacy of their homes.

4. The growth of Christian support for Israel has created an illusion that we have nothing to worry about because they are our best friends.

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