Jews and "Jewish Christianity

Jews And Jewish Christianity A Jewish Response to the Missionary Challenge by David Berger and Michael Wyschogrod


Preface to The First Printing

A Note to the Reader

1. Introduction

2. Jesus and the Messiah

3. Jesus and God

4. "Proofs" of Christianity in the Hebrew Bible

5. The Forgiveness of Sin

6. On Jews, Gentiles, and Jewish Christians

7. A Final Word

8. Suggestions for Further Reading

An expose of how Judaism views Christianity and why it can't agree with fundamental Christian beliefs. It's written for Jews wanting a clear statement of the Jewish attitude toward Christianity, as well as Jews attracted to Christianity, especially to Jews for Jesus and similar groups, affirming they are Christian and Jewish at the same time. Basic Christian claims are examined that Jesus was the Messiah and G-d incarnate, that the Hebrew Bible teaches Christian doctrine and predicts the coming of Jesus, and that only through faith in Jesus can sins be forgiven. The book maintains a respectful attitude, not criticizing Christians or Christianity, emphasizing the Jewish precept that the righteous of all nations have a place in the world to come, but argues it is imperative that Jews remain loyal to Judaism.