Choose Life: A Counter-Missionary (Study Guide)

There is so much to learn in this Jewish Response Study Guide:

    • * Missionaries’ Motives and Tactics
    • * Taking Passages out of Context
    • * Is Jesus the Messiah?
    • * and many more engaging topics!

Why Should Jews Learn the Response to Missionaries’ Claims?

1.) Most Jews, at one time or an5, will be confronted by missionaries, whether in person or through their literature. Their efforts to proselytize us are massive, well-funded – and growing. What makes this a pressing issue today is that Jews are buying into Christian beliefs in unprecedented numbers.
(Certainly not, every Christian is out to convert us. In fact, many are very respectful of Judaism and the Jewish people. Some Christians will ask us questions about Judaism out of a genuine curiosity, and we must know how to answer them. However, our focus in this Study Guide is directed toward those who seek to convert us, and we must know how to answer them as well.)
2.) Although you may not be susceptible to missionaries, someone you know could be – and you could make the difference in preventing them from falling into their clutches.
3.) Studying Christianity can be a powerful springboard for studying Judaism. Although we disagree with many of their beliefs, Christians do raise key issues. Who is G-d and what does He require of us? What is the Biblical concept of the Messiah and the Messianic Age? What about sin, atonement, and life after death?