Battle for the Jewish Soul - Missionary Threat to Jews

A look at how and why some Christian missionaries target Jews for Conversion. Here is a brief about what is in the video: What is the missionary threat to Jews? This is the first session of the Jews for Judaism survival seminar and what will be covered today are some basic questions which we think are the important questions tonight. Number one - who are the missionaries?  When Jews speak about Christian missionaries it's important to  understand who they are because obviously in a world of over 2 billion Christians not all  Christians are invested in trying to convert us. So let us try to understand a little bit of the geography of the world of Christendom tonight to understand where the challenge, where the threat is emerging from. Secondly, we want to try to understand what motivates these people, why are they so interested even to the point of obsession with converting Jews, what really makes them tick. The third question will be one of methodology how do they go about doing it, what kind of technologies have they developed to reach out in the Jewish community and finally we will also try to find out why many Jews are vulnerable to what they're doing. So the first question - who are the missionaries? There are over 2 billion Christians in the world today some estimates are about 2.2 billion Christians and we often don't appreciate as a Jewish community how diverse the Christian world is you know when they're about 13 million Jews in the entire world and so we have usually would refer to as the four Jewish denominations right but some estimates are that there are over 30,000 Christian denominations and that's a little bit overwhelming for us you have many different groups that believe many different things and obviously not all of them are equally committed to trying to share their faith with Jewish people so rather than spend hours going through all the details of this which could be a very long study.