The Real Messiah - Part 1


The Counter-missionary Survival Seminar is the definitive, internationally acclaimed 10-part audio series, presented by Rabbi Michael Skobac, Education Director of JEWS FOR JUDAISM (Canada), that concisely presents the Jewish response to Christian missionary claims. Rabbi Skobac is one of the world’s leading rabbinical counter-missionary authorities and is a highly qualified and very successful exit-counsellor who has helped rescue many Jews from the evangelical Christian church. This unique audio series presents over 17 hours of thought provoking educational material which builds pride in your Jewish heritage and empowers you with the ability to respond with confidence to any Christian missionary who challenges your Jewish beliefs. Please click the link below to access or download these remarkable recordings.

Session Details:

The Real Messiah and Why He Is Not Jesus - A look at the Jewish view of the Messiah and how it is contradicted in Christianity

A Response to Missionaries Does the Bible provide a clear template for who the Messiah will be and what he will do? How do we know if this template is trustworthy? This lecture provides refreshing insights into this fascinating issue, and examines how Christianity developed a distorted Messianic vision.