Scripture Twisting: How missionaries distort the Jewish Bible


Scripture Twisting with Rabbi Michael Skobac

Have you ever been frustrated by encounters with Christians who bombard you with quotes from the Jewish Bible and then claim they can easily support their beliefs? Evangelical missionaries hijack our Jewish Bible and then use it as ammunition against us! In this eye-opening lecture, Rabbi Michael Skobac deftly exposes the cracks in their foundation as they zealously attempt to convert us.

Rabbi Skobac shows how Christians approach our Bible with a preconceived agenda, and ultimately see what’s not there and don’t actually see what is there. This convoluted approach leads them to quote passages out-of-context so they can inject their own beliefs into our Jewish Bible.

The result? A dramatic misreading and distortion of our Holy Jewish Scriptures. Scripture Twisting, a groundbreaking CD, explains how the methodology of today’s missionary’s parallels that of conspiracy theorists whose political obsessions drive them to conclusions not grounded in reality.

Rabbi Skobac’s enlightening and entertaining de-construction of the missionary distortion of our Bible will leave you empowered and more confident of the truth of Judaism