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What is The Schmooze?

The Schmooze is a weekly radio show host by Rabbi Dovid Vigler and Mitch Zachary. Join "the Rabbi and the CEO" as they take on the Jewish views on the News by separating the facts from fiction and bubbe maasehs from the bottom line!

This weeks topic is "What makes us Jewish with Rabbi Zalman Kravitz Director of Jews for Judaism". Rabbi Zalman Kravitz directs Jews for Judaism, based in Los Angeles. Its mission is devoted to counter missionary activities that try to lure Jews away from Judaism. As we stand just days before Shavuos, the festival that made us Jews, Rabbi Kravitz will speak to us about the reasons why Jews might stray from Judaism and seek inspiration elsewhere. He will share with us some of the heartbreaking stories he encounters and the messages of hope and reconciliation that are all part of his daily routine.

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