World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and the Berlin Document Targeting Jews

This past  August, an international task force of Christians and "Messianic Jews" a.k.a. Hebrew Christians, met for a four-day conference in Berlin Germany to discuss "The Uniqueness of Christ and Jewish Evangelism in Europe Today."

Participants drafted and adopted what is currently being called "The Berlin Declaration," which calls for the renewed proselytizing of Jews in Germany and throughout Europe, as an act of "genuine and authentic love" for the Jewish people.

ost noteworthy, was the unique role that a group of "Messianic Jewish" leaders, a.k.a. Hebrew Christians, played in drafting this document and promoting "The Call to Action and Jewish Evangelism." As stated in the WEA document, "We recognize the important role of Messianic Jews in the work and witness of the Church...They point to the fulfillment of God's promises to save His people. We encourage them to stand firm in their identification with and faithful witness to their people..."

Denounced (or Decried?) as reinforcing thousands of years of anti-Semitism, Abe Foxman, National Director of ADL (Anti-Defamation League), issued the following statement: "Promoting a campaign to convert Jews away from their faith is a serious affront to the Jewish people....This Evangelical document is not an offer of love, but a prescription for hate. As long as the WEA teaches that Judaism is incomplete or misguided, anti-Semitism will continue." For further comments see Y-Net News article.