Who are The Assemblies of God, and what do they have to do with the Jews?

The Assemblies of God (AOG) is one of the fastest growing Christian groups in America. They are Pentecostal, meaning they are fundamentalist in theological belief and practice, affirming that Israel and the Jews play a critical role in "The End Days and the Final Retribution."

The AOG is one of the oldest denominations to adopt the "Jewishness" approach of converting Jews to Christianity.  What began in 1983 with only 18 "Jewish Centers"  and a  "Home Missions to the Jews Department," has culminated in the formation of the NJF or "The National Jewish Fellowship ." The NJF specifically targets Jews to "proclaim, educate, and encourage the furthering of the truth of Messiah (Jesus) among the world's Jewish community." Hebrew Christian "Rabbi" Felix Helpern, President of the Assemblies of God NJF,  calls upon gentiles and Jews a like to "plant" more "synagogues" within their church framework. "I see the fellowship acting as a catalyst to planting more synagogues within the Assemblies of God and facilitating more (Hebrew Christian) Messianic fellowships within our churches," he stated. AG News .

In addition to the NJF, the AOG was instrumental in the development of the MJAA or "The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America " and the IAMCS or "International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues ."  These umbrella organizations support  a huge web of Jewish ministries and global outreach projects that endorse the philosophy of " winning Jewish people to the Lord Jesus Christ without divorcing them from their Jewish cultural heritage..."

One such project is recently developed Operation Tikva, a controversial organization that is raising money under the humanitarian banner of "Saving Ethiopian Jews ," though most of their recipients are not even Jewish.


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