Take the Elevator to the Top

The Tenth of Tishrei, the date of Yom Kippur, marks the anniversary of when Moshe (Moses) descended from Mount Sinai for the second time, following the people's sin with the Golden Calf. B'nai Yisroel (Children of Israel) and Moshe prayed that God should hear their plea for atonement and forgiveness from such an unfathomable sin.

God, in His Kindness, "heard our prayers - and forgave us." Thus, began the eternal yearning to repair our souls, to ask forgiveness and purify ourselves. The concept of Teshuva - Returning to God and a "Pure" heart and soul, can only come from humbleness and personal introspection. It is so much more than "I'm Sorry." It is a deep, inner cry that "wakes up our soul," challenging us to grow. It is the ability to be like the angels, free of physical boundaries and limitations, such as food, fancy clothes and shoes.... This Yom Kippur - try to elevate your soul. This is the concept of taking the elevator to the top. Reach for G-d ~ He is waiting for YOU!