Rock of my heart

Rock of my heart

Rock of my heart, Creator of everything, Master of all that transpires, Lord of all souls Who knows all secrets: You know the holy Divine light that blazes in the depths of my heart – for our souls are a portion of God Above and Your Godliness dwells within us.

Therefore, my heart cries within me; it cries like a harp. “My heart longs, and even expires, for the courtyards of God; my heart and my flesh will sing unto the Living God.

The flame within me burns for You; deep waters cannot extinguish it, rivers cannot drown it. The light of my heart is one with Your Infinite Light; it is limitless – there is no end to my yearning for You. This longing is without measure and beyond compare.

The fire within me reaches to infinity; were I to surrender to it, I would not be able to make a move, so great is my desire to become one with God…

Reb Nosson of Breslov

from “The Flame of the Heart” Prayers of a Chassidic Mystic, translated by David Sears