Recommended Reading

Twersky on Spirituality by Rabbi Abraham J. Twersky:

In this book Rabbi Dr. Twerski looks at dozens of topics in everyday life and peels away the veneer to find the potential for spiritual enrichment. Twersky doesn't preach. He teaches by story, example and experience. He is a writer who make us smile as we think.

The Jewish Response to Missionaries by Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz

This concise and easy to read 61 page handbook is an excellent resource for rabbis, educators, parents, students and young adults.The information it provides is both educational and effective. It is a superb inoculation against missionary efforts.

The Handbook of Jewish Thought, by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan,

This is a comprehensive, yet easily accessible, scholarly work on the basics or Judaism. The subjects covered include The Torah, prophecy, Israel and mankind, the tradition, authority, etc.

Maznaim Publishing 1979.

The Path of the Righteous Gentile, by Chaim Clorefene, Yaakov Rogalsky

This is a systematic discussion with many citations to traditional sources as to what code of living the Torah mandates for non-Jews. Targum Press 1987.

The Jew and the Christian Missionary, A Response to Missionary Christianity, by Gerald Sigal

This is an intellectual and reasoned approach to the issue of missionary claims and material in Sigal's book make it one of the best source books for anti-missionary training.

The Promise of God, by David Shapiro

This is a fictional account taking its reader into the religious power structures of the major Jewish and Catholic countries, and by doing so, he offers a deep insight into the unique origins of Judaism and historical anti-Semitism.Simcha Press 2000.

Jewish Meditation, by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

This is perhaps the first major publication to address the issue of meditation from a traditional Jewish perspective. Kaplan's book demonstrates that meditation is not the exclusive domain of the East, and serves as a guide to Jew and Gentile alike, as they seek their perspective paths to God and higher consciousness.

Shocken Books 1985.

The Stone Edition Tanach (Jewish Bible)

This book is a must for every Jewish home. It is one of the finest rendition into English of Scriptures and includes many informative and illustrative charts.The Artscroll Series, Mesorah Publishing, ltd. 1996.

Genesis and the Big Bang, by Gerald Schroeder, Ph.D.,

This is an excellent work by a world-renowned physicist and applied theologian who made startling discoveries that harmonize modern science and the Bible. Bantam Books 1990.