The True Answer Of The Father Of Jesus

Continued from Part 26

Establishing paternity

  In Matthew’s version of the alleged conception of Jesus story (Matthew 1:18) it states that Mary “was found to be with child by holy spirit [with no definite article beforeholy spirit”].” 

In Luke’s version of this story it says that the angel “said to her [Mary], ‘Holy spirit [with no definite article] will come upon you,’ and the power of the Most High will overshadow you” (1:35).  If holy spirit and power of the Most High are synonymous terms used here in a parallel structure then Luke can allege that “for this reason the holy offspring shall be called the Son of God (verse 35).  But, if they are two separate entities then who is the father of Jesus—the holy spirit or God?

It may be that the “father-son” phraseology is a convenient way of trying to explain the relationship between God and Jesus.  However, if “a holy spirit” (or alternately “the Holy Spirit”) is a separate person within the triune deity, yet part of that triune entity, one might say that God, the Father, is the father of the Son, and that the Holy Spirit is also the father of the Son.  But, if the Son is no less part of the triune deity than the Father and the Holy Spirit then, in essence, the Son fathered himself.

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