Morris Cerullo & His Ministry to the Jews

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A History of Targeted Deception

The following is a short report in a rough chronological format on the background of Morris Cerullo, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, Inc. (MCWE) and Jewish World Outreach (the specific ministry to the Jews) taken from internal ministry materials. All numbers indicated are claimed by Cerullo or his ministry and all items in quotes are taken directly from ministry literature:

The following is a short report in a rough chronological format on the background of Morris Cerullo, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, Inc. (MCWE) and Jewish World Outreach (the specific ministry to the Jews) taken from internal ministry materials. All numbers indicated are claimed by Cerullo or his ministry and all items in quotes are taken directly from ministry literature:

Born in 1932, Morris Cerullo claims to have accepted Jesus as his personal savior and messiah at the age of 14 ½ in a Jewish orphanage.

Cerullo claims he was led out of a Jewish orphanage by two angelic beings; transported to heaven for a face-to-face meeting with God; and told he would be capable of revealing the future.

Cerullo was married in 1951, a few weeks after he and his wife graduated from New England Bible College. He first pastored a small church in New Hampshire and began to conduct evangelistic crusades.

In 1961, Cerullo founded and incorporated Morris Cerullo World Evangelism (MCWE) with headquarters in San Diego. Starting in his garage, this international ministry became dedicated to using the most modern means known to man to witness to the world.

From the beginning, part of the ministry's statement of purpose included a special plank "To present to every Jew a witness that Jesus is the Messiah".


The booklet 'Jeshua Hamashiah' was printed and distributed in Israel with a coupon on the back which readers could use to ask for a free copy of the complete Bible.

By the end of 1964, Cerullo claims 5,000 Bibles had been requested and sent to enquirers.


A special edition of MCWE's first ministry magazine, "Deeper Life", was translated into Hebrew and distributed to 25,000 Jews in Israel.

20,000 copies of "From Judaism to Christianity"-Morris Cerullo's life story - were distributed.

MCWE's first training seminar was held in Israel and attended by twenty-two "Jewish Christians".

Cerullo obtained a 400,000 name voter-registration mailing list in Israel. Another special Hebrew edition of "Deeper Life" was published and mailed to those on the list at the end of 1968. Cerullo claims to have received requests for 4,175 Bibles.

1969 - 1970

MCWE's training conferences in Jerusalem claimed an average attendance of 250.

A bi-monthly Bible Correspondence Course in Israel began "which rapidly grew to 10,000 enrolled students." A different Israeli mailing list was obtained this time with 500,000 names. The booklet "Hear 0 Israel" was mailed to them.  An Arab radio station in Jordan allowed MCWE to begin broadcasting for thirty minutes every Friday evening into Israel.

1971 - 1973

The book of Daniel was translated into modern Hebrew and mailed to 200,000 homes. Cerullo claimed to supporters that "At that time it was only possible to import Bibles into Israel which did not contain the book of Daniel."

The radio broadcasts from Jordan were suspended because of poor transmission, but the weekly program was soon back on air from a station in Cyprus which "used a wavelength accessible to every radio in Israel." The program was taken off the air after three months due to civil war in Cyprus.

Claims for the bi-monthly Bible Correspondence Course in Israel were that it "grew to over 20,000". In a September '73 MCWE meeting it was claimed that forty Jews publicly dedicated their lives to Christ.


Another 200,000 copies of Daniel in modern Hebrew were mailed throughout Israel. Peace in Cyprus enabled the ministry to restart its radio programming to Israel after a gap of almost three years.

Ministry materials claimed that "The Bible Correspondence Course was sent six times a year to over 25,000 interested Jews."

Cerullo's TV version of MASADA was filmed by MCWE in Israel and broadcast throughout America.

The Jewish Outreach began to focus more on Jews in North America. "Over 3,200,000 copies of Morris Cerullo's book 'Two Men from Eden' were mailed to almost every Jewish home in the United States."

1978 - 1980

Ministry materials claimed that "9,000 North American Jews enrolled in MCWE's Bible Correspondence Course."

"Two Men from Eden" was translated into Hebrew with 50,000 copies of the book were sent to selected homes in Israel. Cerullo's MASADA TV special was shown at 150 different establishments in the United States - including seventeen Jewish synagogues.


Another 50,000 copies of "Two Men from Eden" were mailed to homes in Israel.

Several more TV specials were filmed in the Israel for broadcast around the world. Ministry materials claimed that "Public meetings were difficult, so personal training sessions were held in private homes for small groups of interested Jews. Because of the increasing restrictions on evangelism, the numbers enrolled in the Bible Correspondence Course began to drop."


MCWE started to target the Russian Jews in Israel who had fled from the USSR. Cerullo claimed that "the largest Jewish School of Ministry so far was held in November '85."


Cerullo's monthly Bible-Study guide 'Victory Miracle Library' began to be sent to "Messianic Jews" in Israel.

Ministry to Russian Jews in Israel was increased as they were viewed as being "particularly open to the gospel." MCWE's six days-a-week thirty-minute 'Victory' TV program began to be broadcast in Europe on the Superchannel satellite network, and was beamed into over 100,000 homes in Israel.

MCWE purchased the Inspirational Satellite Network and Heritage USA from the bankrupt PTL.


After two years on air, the 'Victory' program ended in Europe when NBC bought Superchannel and banned all religious programs. However, the president of an Arab-owned television station offered to sell MCWE three hours-a-day airtime, every day, to present a Christian presence in the Middle East. Then a Russian satellite channel - which is transmitted on all the Israeli cable channels - started negotiating to sell MCWE three hours airtime each day.

500,000 Hebrew copies of "Two Men from Eden" were mailed to Jewish homes in Israel. This was used to enroll people in the Israeli Bible Correspondence Course.

Cerullo rented an office in Jerusalem. A senior member of staff - himself a former Jew - moved to Jerusalem with his family to direct the "Jewish work". A telephone hotline was established - which was manned by trained Christian missionaries who answered questions about the Messiah.

A "messianic" training center was established in Israel. Ministry materials stated that "This is a place where Jewish believers can use the latest video technology to learn from the same teaching materials used by MCWE in the Global Satellite Network all round the world."

"Proof Producers Spiritual Training Seminar" was held at the Shefayim Kibbutz near Tel Aviv and was attended by over 600 participants who were being trained as missionaries. MCWE paid for everything.


MCWE's First Israel International Conference held in Jerusalem on January 23-25. The evangelistic booklet "The Peace" was mailed to 1 million households in Israel.


Cerullo announces a "secret new Jewish World Outreach project" that he believe would be "the greatest witness to every Jew worldwide". He asks for $350,000 for Phase 1 of the project.


Appeals for funding and the "secret project" continue.


In March, the film "The Rabbi" is deceptively marketed to the Jewish community as "the unforgettable story of an Israeli Rabbi and his struggles in modern society" when in reality it is an evangelical film dressing up Christianity in Jewish clothes.

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