Matzah Tampering-It's Just Not Kosher!

Q. I just received a "Passover gift" from my roommate-a Haggadah and box of Matzah. The Haggadah says it is "The Messianic Passover Haggadah" and goes on to explain that the three  matzahs on the Seder plate are symbolic of the "Av" (Father) the "Ben" (Son) and the "Ruach Hakodesh" (Holy Spirit). It then states that the perforated holes and lines come from Tehillim (Psalms) 22:17, prophesying about Yeshua Hamoschiach (Jesus). What does this mean and is it true? 

A.  In an effort to appear authentically "Jewish" and legitimate, the Hebrew Christian (a.k.a. Messianic Jew, Jews for Jesus, etc.) movement tries to prove that much of the ritual and symbolism of the Passover Seder clearly refers to "Yeshua" (Jesus) and is based on prophecies from the Tanach (Jewish scriptures). They claim that over the years the rabbis have intentionally eliminated these messianic references in an effort to keep the truth from the Jewish community. The three matzahs at the Seder symbolize: the Kohanim (Priests), the Levites and Yisroel - the tribes of Israel.  They also are references to the three Patriarchs (Avot) in the Bible - Avraham (Abraham), Yitzchak (Isaac) and Yaakov (Jacob) - just to name a few. Any reference to the three matzahs being symbolic of "The Triune (Trinity) Nature of G-d" is a total distortion of Jewish customs and ritual to serve their own purposes.  The reference to the "piercing" of Jesus [Matzoh Ball soup]  is based on a conscious tampering of the original verse in Tehillim (Psalms)2:17, from the word " KAARI" - Like a Lion (they are at my hands and my feet); to "KAARU" - they pierced my hands and feet (NT Kings James Bible 22:16)*   The stripes are from the "Passion " story in which Jesus is supposedly whipped and tortured prior to the crucifixion-which is not Jewish prophecy.  Worse still, it causes additional problems when they try to equate "Yeshua" as the ultimate Passover Lamb/Sacrifice, since the Passover Lamb was not only a Thanksgiving Sacrifice, but had to be FREE of any blemishes(which Jesus was not after the whipping and torturing). Moreover, it had to be a Kosher animal (not a human) and was eaten! (Unlike Jesus, of course!)*