My Journey Home to Judaism - Part 2

This is part 2 of the 11 part series on the writer’s journey back to Judaism. For the other parts, read this

Fast forward . . .

It was finally Bat Mitzvah day!  Like every Long Island girl of the 80’s I styled my hair in a three-inch fan that would that would make Aqua net proud.  Words of Torah were read, the family celebrated and tears were shed, of how this little girl was now becoming a woman.

We played limbo and danced, danced, danced at the local restaurant that proudly displayed a lobster on its decorative sign.  The irony was lost to my teenage soul at the time.  I was just happy to have my big day over with and moved on to bigger things like high school!

I was no longer listening to the Top 40 on the way to Temple, I was finding my own way to spirituality.  I read every book in the New Age section of the bookstore with gusto.  I saw signs and coincidences everywhere that led me on my way.  I had never liked to read but now I read all the feel good books I could get a hold of.  We were on the verge of the new wave of spirituality, the books would say, east was to meet west, and I was to be a part of it!  Hungry to fill a need deep down inside, I read more and more.

I met someone that introduced me to the exciting world of political activism.  The problems in the world were not caused by blocked chakras after all, but class warfare was the reason for the world’s woes, I was told.  My parents could not quite understand why their chakra loving daughter started taking the train to New York city to Communist party events and participating in protests to free political prisoners.  Borrowing train money from my parents, I would go to the city to fight “capitalist oppression.”  It was hard saving the world and be a teenager, but I had a mission inspired by new friends.  Saving the world would become a habit for me as you will see . . .

To Be Continued . . .

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