Jews for Jesus - Heavenly Deception?

Is Jews for Jesus a heavenly deception? Let's find out. 

Just a few examples:

1) In a Jews for Jesus booklet entitled “Jewishness And The Trinity,” in an attempt to prove their point they quote a non-existent passage from the “Zohar” a classic book of Jewish mysticism.

2) In a book titled “Share the New Life with a Jew, “ Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen, states, “ Don’t get sidetracked for the moment with discussions of the deity of Christ or the virgin birth…Important as these may be, correct theology is not what will save your friend.”

3) The Patriot News, 11/10/89, ran an article on Jews for Jesus. Rosen admits that Jews for Jesus instructs its members to avoid contact with individuals who might present a different viewpoint. “Does a Ford dealer tell his customers to go talk to the Chevrolet dealer?” He says, “the idea that we should let our people talk to our detractors – come on!

4) Based on information in the Jews for Jesus publication ”Issues,” Jews for Jesus director David Brickner is not Jewish. His mother, Lois Brickner, states that her mother was from a Gentile background.

Christian Condemnations Of Jews for Jesus

Among the numerous Christian groups which have publicly condemned the “Hebrew-Christian” movements are:

The Episcopal Bishops of Maryland,

The Archdiocese of Harrisburg, PA,

The National Conference of Catholic Bishops Washington D.C.

The Campus Ministry Board at American University in Washington, D.C.

The National Conference of Christians and Jews (Southern California Region),

The InterfaithConference of Washington D.C. (a group that includes the Roman Catholic Archdiocese as well as Baptist and mainline Protestant groups).

Annoyed By Jews for Jesus? Try This …

Jews for Judaism is frequently asked, “What should I do when I confront a “Hebrew Christian” missionary in the street?” One of our supporters had such an encounter, and came up with a simple, positive approach that anyone can easily use.

Victor Pamensky recently came face-to-face with a Jew for Jesus who was handing out missionary tracts on a downtown Chicago street. Mr. Pamensky looked straight into the missionary¹s eyes and said, “I just want to let you know, that because of what you are doing here, I will be making a generous donation to the counter-missionary organization, Jews for Judaism.” He didn¹t get mad, he simply took action.

Mr. Pamensky¹s snappy “win-win” approach accomplished four things:

1. It was a far more effective and powerful counter-action to the missionary¹s efforts than any argument could have been.

2. It allowed Mr. Pamensky to walk away feeling he had scored a point.

3. It totally demoralized the missionary.

4. Jews for Judaism received some much-needed financial support.

So, the next time you encounter a “Hebrew Christian” missionary on the street, you may wish to use Pamensky¹s approach. Just point to the nearest pay phone, or take out your cell phone and say, “Meeting you has inspired me to call in a pledge to Jews for Judaism. Why not give them a call at their national 800 number (1-800-477-6631) yourself!