Which Jewish Translation Of The Bible You Should Read

I'm often asked which Jewish translation of the Bible is the best, or most recommended.  There are three translations of the Jewish Bible that I recommend to people.

Judaica Press Tanach

This is available for free on Chabad.org at http://www.chabad.org/library/bible_cdo/aid/63255/jewish/The-Bible-with-Rashi.htm.

The Living Torah

This is the Five Books of Moses and the Haftarot, a new translation based on traditional Jewish sources, with notes, introduction, maps, and a great index.  It's by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan and can be found on Amazon at http://a.co/9MKOjWN.

Tanach the Stone Edition 

This is a student size volume with all 24 books of the Torah, prepared by Rabbi Nosson Scherman.  It's also found on Amazon at http://a.co/hVum83U.
Whichever you start with, I know you'll find great insight and be inspired as you study its pages.  If you'd like additional guidance on this topic, feel free to contact us here and one of the Rabbis will be in touch.