Jack's Story

For over a dozen years I was a Jewish Christian missionary. I believed in the Christian doctrine that everyone I knew and loved, who didn't believe in Jesus, was going to burn in hell for all eternity. I became adept at using the Holy Scriptures to prove that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah.

To save souls, I constantly witnessed door to door and handed out literature in Fort Lauderdale, at the airport and the beach. I taught "Jewish Evangelism" and "Christ in the Passover" seminars, in various churches. My efforts led many Jewish souls astray.

During the years that I was involved with Christianity, every encounter that I had with "knowledgeable Jews" only served to validate my faith in Jesus.

However, last October, while browsing the Internet, I was challenged to speak with Mark, a staff member of Jews for Judaism. I started corresponding with him, because I figured this would be an opportunity to save his soul.

To my surprise, I couldn't answer some of the questions he asked me. However, he had very reasonable answers for all of my questions. I turned to other knowledgeable Christians for answers.

He had made a crack in my armor and now the stage was set for many months of dialogue and careful examination. I did this with his help and the help of many other individuals on the Internet.

It was very difficult and scary for me, since I had so much invested in Christianity. But the facts were overwhelming, and with Mark's support and encouragement, I finally came to the conclusion that I had made a mistake. Thank G-d I have returned to my people to share in the inheritance others wanted to take from me.