Is there a way to prevent someone from becoming involved?

An effective program of prevention has five components: Affiliate: become part of the Jewish community, by taking classes, joining a synagogue or attending events at the Jewish Community Center. Take advantage of the resources in your community and strengthen your bond with your past and your people;  Jewish education and lifestyle experiences: one who knows his/her faith in a dynamic and living way will rarely be attracted to the cheap substitute offered by the missionaries; Open communication: encourage open communication in all areas, and develop a firm family support base for times of transition and crisis; Critical thinking: people should be trained in the skills of critical evaluation and should be made aware of the practices of deceptive conversionary groups; Outreach: each one of us must be an outreach worker, aware of the existence of hurts and vulnerabilities in our midst and seeking to reach out to the lonely and vulnerable before the missionaries do. YOU can make the difference!