Hollywood's Hottest Cult

A four-month Radar investigation

Find out all about Hollywood's Hottest Cult, the Kabbalah Chronicles in these articles.

  • Part One: Red String Theory. A four-month Radar investigation reveals how a renegade rabbi and his striver wife ended up atop a multi-million-dollar empire built on bracelets, bottled water, and Madonna.
  • Part Two: In the Beginning. Radar’s investigation of the Kabbalah Centre continues, focusing on founder Philip Berg, insurance salesman-turned- guru, and his second wife, who conceived the idea of dumbing down Jewish mysticism and selling it to the masses.
  • Part Three: Madonna’s Magical Mystical Tour. Demi! Ashton! Marla! Roseanne! When it comes to attracting celebrities, the Bergs have given Scientology a run for its money. But their lucky star is an aging pop icon who has funded the Centre to the tune of $18 million… and counting.
  • Part Four: There’s No Profit Like Non-Profit. How did a family of middle class mystics end up with matching mansions in Beverly Hills? Our final installment examines how the Kabbalah Centre is pouring millions into a network of businesses controlled by the Bergs and their minions.

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