HIstorical Timeline

Timeline of Significant Events and People

The following time line is provided a perspective on the events affecting Christianity and Judaism. A general idea of the “whom, when and where” of the development of Christianity – affords us a greater understanding of world events and how the movement evolved. We have provided only the most central figures of Christianity, and of Judaism for this time period. It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list.



Julius Ceasar assassinated

41 Marc Antony names Herod the Great king of Judea

29 Octavian, nephew of Julius Caesar conferred the title of Augustus by the Senate


Schools of Hillel and Shammai founded

19 Herod begins to rebuild the Temple


Jesus and John the Baptist born. Herod dies



Paul Born?

5 John the Apostle born?

10 Hillel (founder of the Pharisee School of Hillel) dies; succeeded by his son Shimon.


Augustus dies; Tiberius succeeds him as emperor.


Pontius Pilate becomes Procurator of Judea.


John the Baptist and Jesus begin their ministries

29 John the Baptist beheaded by Herod.

30 Jesus crucified.

70 Destruction of Second Temple in Jerusalem

132-135 Bar Kochba proclaimed Messiah by Jewish leaders and revolt forms against Roman rule. Last vestiges of Jewish self-rule eliminated by the Romans as the rebellion is crushed

325 Council of Nicea meets to codify Christian doctrines in response to growing heresies--Jewish bishops are specifically excluded from the meeting. Doctrine of the Trinity formally acknowledged

333 Christian Jews ordered by Constantine to abandon all ties to Judaism or be killed

337 Christianity becomes the official state religion of Rome. Constantine finally receives baptism as a Christian

425 The Jewish Sanhedrin in Tiberius abolished for good by the Romans, acting under Catholic pressure.

613 Jews refusing Christian baptism are ordered out of Spain


Mohammad begins the Koran

638 Jerusalem captured by Moslems

787 Second Council of Nicea approves of statues in churches, and their veneration

1095 The first of eventually seven crusades begin in the Holy Land at the behest of Pope Urban II

1263 Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachmon wins a theological debate in Barcelona over Catholic scholars and is driven out of Spain. Jews thereafter, while forced into theological debates, are restricted in the way they may present arguments

1290 The Jews are expelled from England by Edward "Longshanks" (the evil king in Braveheart)

1456 Guttenberg Bible printed

1478 Spanish Inquisition begun by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands, including Jews

1492 The Jews are expelled from Spain

1562 Pope Gregory introduces his famed calendar, changing the New Year from April 1 to January 1

1604 King James of England (actually a Scot) commissions his namesake Bible to be printed

1609 The Baptist church founded in opposition to infant baptism

1611 First appearance of the King James Bible

1633 Galileo is forced to renounce his teachings

1655 Cromwell permits the Jews to return to England

1670 Jews banished from Austria

1827 Joseph Smith founds the Mormon Church

1948 Israel formed as a nation