General Missionary FAQS

This is a list of general Missionary FAQS that you may have. Read on...

Q: What is Deceptive Proselytizing?

A: Deceptive Proselytizing is an attempt to convert people through devious and false means and methods. Although not all missionaries are deceptive, when you are challenged by any of them, it’s important to use critical thinking and not take their arguments at face value. A person can come to your home, or leave missionary literature at your door. An invitation to an event can be mailed directly to you. A friend, classmate or neighbor can invite you to a casual social gathering.

Q: What is Jews for Jesus?

A: Jews for Jesus is an Evangelical Christian group that uses Jewish culture and practice to entice Jews – even though the belief that Jesus is the Messiah is totally inconsistent with the fundamental beliefs of Judaism.

Q: How Jewish Are Groups Such As Jews for Jesus?

A: While some of their members may, in fact, be Jewish, others are Christian who deceptively adopt Jewish names and practices to appear Jewish. Their Jewishness is a façade because these groups accept traditional Christian teachings and reject authentic Jewish teachings in all the areas where the two religions differ.

Q: What Are Some Tell-Tale Signs of These Groups?

A: One obvious sign is when someone talks about being a messianic or completed Jew, or claims that a Jew can accept Yeshua (Jesus) without giving up their Judaism.

Q: Do All Christian Individuals and Organizations Support Groups Such As Jews for Jesus?

A: No. Many sensitive Christians have condemned the deceptive behavior of these groups, while others continue to support them. If you see a growing problem on your campus, please bring it to the immediate attention of Jews for Judaism or Be-True.

Q: Are Missionaries Sincere?

A: Most missionaries are very sincere in their conviction that only people who believe as they do will go to heaven – all others will go to hell for eternity! Because they believe this so sincerely, some missionaries will resort to various tricks and deceptions to persuade you to believe as they do. It is a mistake to assume that sincerity – in and of itself – is always a good thing.

Q: What Are the Chances that I’ll Be Approached by a Missionary?

A: 68% of teens and 85% of college students have been approached by someone who tried to share another religion with them. These findings are based on a Jews for Judaism survey of more than 2,000 Jewish students from all denominations in the Greater Los Angeles area. In a survey conducted at UCLA during the week of November 19, 2007, over 80% of Jewish students surveyed, affiliated and unaffiliated, stated that they had been approached by proselytizers, and often more than once!

Q: Why Do They Want to Convert Me?

A: A political commentator stated that Jews must accept Jesus and become perfected. Shocking? Absolutely! But she was merely voicing what millions of Evangelicals Christians around the world truly believe. Jews must be converted to Christianity and only then… will they become completed, saved and perfected. Also, many fundamentalist Christians believe that the conversion of Jews is the key to bringing about the Second Coming of Jesus and salvation to all mankind.