Further Study


(Note: some articles are still being prepared and will be available very soon)

* The Fundamentals of Jewish Belief - the "13 Principles"

* How is Judaism different than Christianity?

What about the Jews?

* Read what some famous non-Jews have to say

Links to related Information:

* Judaism 101 ( Good introduction to many Jewish concepts --Introductory)

* SimpleToRemember.com - What was this fire that burned in the hearts of our ancestors?  Why are the Jews once again the focus of the world?  If my kids asked me, "why should I stay Jewish?"  What would I answer?  Great resources, text and audio.

* DovidGottlieb.com - a wonderful collection of audio classes on Jewish thought and philosophy.

* Classic Jewish Texts -- from Sephardicsages.com, excerpts and complete texts in translation. --Advanced.

* Aish.com : Especially the sections on Spirituality - and Philosophy

* OU.ORG -- Section on Jewish beliefs and philosophy and also a very good Judaism 101 section. A number of other good Resources.

Recommended Reading

Look for these books at Artscroll.com or Amazon.com

* Gateway to Happiness, Zelig Pliskin

* Soul Series Boooks, Chanoch Teller

* Twerski on Spirituality

* The Maggid Speaks, Rabbi Krohn

* Being Jewish, Shimon Hurwitz

* Anthology, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

* Jewish Meditation, Aryeh Kaplan


* Chazak -- How do the Jewish people respond when the Land of Israel is so often the target? Chazak! Don't miss this inspiring video from Voices for Israel

Flash Movies

* Instant --We have instant almost-everything: How about instant forgiveness?


* Tehillim -- Gina (age 13) looks to the Psalms for strength in this poem