Faith-Based Toys Proselytize Children

Faith-based toys from the Christian-owned One2Believe Company will soon be carried by 425 Wal-Mart stores nationwide.  Although it is commendable for One2Believe to offer Daniel, Samson and Jesus dolls as an alternative to the many promiscuous and violent dolls currently on the market, there is an issue of "truth in advertising" that concerns Jews for Judaism.

According to Jews for Judaism director Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz, "in order to avoid offending or misleading anyone , One2Believe should divulge on the outside of the toy box that inserted inside is a ‘Spiritual Stepping Stones' flyer that carries a proselytizing message created to bring children to Jesus and encourage them to share the gospel with their friends."

One on the most blatant statements encourages children between ages 9-11 to realize that they "now understand why Christ died for me... and I want my friends to know Him too."

The sale of these dolls to Christian children is yet another way evangelical Christians are developing peer-to-peer proselytizing tactics that impact Jewish children at an early age.

While upholding the right of freedom of speech, a truth in advertising policy, similar to the one that has become common practice for DVDs and video games, is a method of advising parents and respecting individual

religious choices.

Jews for Judaism offers free counseling to any family confused by proselytizing materials.