Do the Jewish people keep the Torah because they fear God?

When, the Jews heard God voice at Mount Sinai, they were scared. God voice, got to be very loud and frightening,louder than a thunderstorm. Not only did they hear God voice,they also saw what God did . The Jews witness.. God drowning the largest super army in one day.hearing God voice and seeing what he did...Do the Jewish people keep the Torah because they fear God?

The Jewish people's relationship with God is similar to the relationship of a father and a son. The father-son relationship is a multifaceted one. There is fear, respect, trepidation and much more.

In the fifth of the 10 commandments it commandment us to "honor your father and mother, so that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your G‑d gives you."

The 10 Commandments are mentioned twice in the Torah. If one takes a look at the second time it is mentioned, the wording is different, is states "The L-rd, your G‑d, commanded you" are added. These additional words teach us that while we have a natural tendency to honor our parents, we also have the opportunity to honor our parents because we are commanded to do so by God.

Similarly, when the Jewish people fulfill God's commandments, we do so because we love, fear and respect God, we do so because God has asked us to do so.