David's Story

My name is David. I was born a Jew. When I was growing up, I had a very limited Jewish education.

It was in my mid-20's when I began to feel the need for some sort of spirituality. I began to search for G-d, and I was answered by a Fundamentalist Christian -- my landlord's son, whom we'll call Jeff.

He, Jeff, told me about Jesus. He told me that Jesus was my savior. He told me Jesus died for me.

He told me that I needed to repent my sins and accept Jesus to be "saved".

As an un-educated, non-religious individual who was searching for the truth -- I began to fall for the false belief in Jesus. My ignorance of the Jewish Bible (Tanach) was the reason I came to believe in Jesus.

Jeff was the first person who took time to expose me to the Bible, and help me view the verses of the Bible. It was after discussing with him, that I accepted Jesus, and became a born-again Christian. It was about a week later, a friend at work bought me a copy of the King James Version -- a copy of the Christian Bible.

After this, my entire life perspective had been affected.

I looked down at all non-Christians. I condemned all non- Christians to hell. I felt like the greatest prophet that ever lived. I felt so righteous and alive. I thought G-d was on my side. I told my family about the "good news" and relayed to them that if they didn't accept Christ, they would not see G-d in heaven.

It pained my Jewish family to see me falling to Christianity. My mother and father were extremely shocked and dismayed. How could their only son become a Christian?

But, I would not give in that easily. I refused to acknowledge their pains. I was a soldier of G-d and I needed to show Jesus that I loved him more than I loved my family, just as the Bible verses that Jeff showed me had stated.

I preached the gospel of Jesus to them, but to no avail. They stayed strong and refused to accept Jesus.

I started crying. I thought to myself, "They've got to accept Jesus, it's the only way to heaven. I don't want them to go to hell. What could I possibly do to help them see the light?"

My Fundamentalists friends told me to study "The Word". They told me that I would use "The Word" to help bring many lost souls to Christianity.

So, as instructed, I began some study. I faced a Mormon friend of mine with my different perspectives.

He pointed out some contradicting passages. I felt confused and angry.

I faced my Fundamentalist Christian friends again and they told me their interpretations of the passages, most of which were, in some way, stretched. They said that the Mormons don't have the spirit in them and they would not understand. I went by the Fundamentalist interpretation not for logic, but to ease my confusions.

I returned home to face my parents once again. They told me that a Rabbi from Jews for Judaism was going to sit down with me, study with me, and discuss the Bible with me.

I told myself that I knew "The Word" and that no Rabbi could change me. Apparently I was wrong. I was looking forward to meet the Rabbi, with the intention of bringing him to Jesus.

Rabbi BenTzion Kravitz of Jews for Judaism, came to visit me at my home. Over a period of four to five hours, he pointed out passages from the Christian Bible that contradicted various passages from the Jewish Bible. He brought to light the passages that Jeff and my Fellow Fundamentalists had shown me.

As we perused through the Biblical passages, Rabbi Kravitz explained why [the Christian misinterpretations of Isaiah 53, Isaiah 7, and Psalms 22 that I was taught were wrong. He showed me contradictions found in the Christian Bible, and showed me that Jesus was not the messiah.

My plans to convert the dear Rabbi had been eliminated.

But, it did not matter anymore. I felt so free. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulder. My parents greeted me with a hug, and I thought to myself, "Welcome Home, David."

To Jews for Judaism: Thank You. For if not for you, who knows where I would be.