The Council of My Nation - Scripture - The Law of Moses

This one is tricky, because of the divergence of opinion amongst Jewish Christians on this subject. Many Jewish Christians consider themselves “free” from the Law of Moses, they believe that it no longer applies on a practical level. 5s accept the binding nature of the Law of Moses, but accept only those laws explicitly written in the Five Books. 5s yet accept the full body of the Law of Moses as defined by the living legacy of the Jewish nation.

The basis for this position is the recognition that the Christian savior himself believed this way and that he lead his life accordingly.

The Jewish contention with each of these positions can be stated in the following terms. To the first group – We believe that the law of Moses is eternal in nature and is binding upon all of the Jewish people in all generations. To the second group – We believe that the living legacy of the Jewish people is the only context from within which to approach observance of the Law. As for the third group, at first glance it would seem that we are in total agreement, but this is not so. Although the third group accepts that the living legacy of the Jewish nation is the only true context for the Law, they differ with us over some key issues. They do not accept the Jewish definition of the law of idolatry.

We will have to examine the Jewish scripture as it relates to each of these issues. Does the Jewish scripture acknowledge that the living legacy of the nation is the repository for the law – specifically the law of idolatry? Is the law of Moses binding upon every generation of Jews? What do the Jewish scriptures teach us in these areas?

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