The Council of My Nation - Idolatry - Traditional Sources

F. Traditional Sources

Yet another missionary tactic employed in their effort to promote their theology is the usage of traditional Jewish sources.

There are statements and phrases to be found in the mystical writings of the Jewish people which can be misconstrued to be read as support for Christian theology. There is no real reason to respond to these misquotations. Firstly, since most Christians claim to recognize no authority beyond scripture so a quotation from a non-scriptural source is of no consequence. Secondly and more importantly is the fact that these quotations are being wrenched out of context. We know the beliefs of the authors of these works, and their disciples are here with us today. All of these men were loyal to the God of Israel. They all accepted the Sinai revelation as the defining experience that directs our worship of God. These people would have chosen death before attributing divinity to a human being. To quote the words of these loyal Jews in an attempt to justify Christianity’s theology, is the height of insolence.

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