BYG - Missionary Campaign

The Jews for Jesus missionary organization has launched its "Behold Your God" Campaign. Their broadest and most aggressive evangelistic crusade ever.

Jews for Jesus has committed over $22 million to a five-year global "Behold Your God" campaign that seeks to make Jesus an unavoidable issue to the Jewish people. Cities outside of Israel with Jewish populations in excess of 25,000 have been specifically targeted for this campaign.

According to Jews for Jesus, the success in dozens of cities so far, including Chicago, Tampa, San Francisco, Moscow, Portland, Kiev, London, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Boston, has already netted: hundreds of Jewish conversions, thousands of Jews interested in further information, and over 5 million missionary flyers distributed.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs released a resolution critical of misleading and aggressive proselytizing and urging Jewish communities to mobilize against this threat.

Jews for Judaism is available to assist your community when needed.

Jews for Judaism has created a Community Prevention and Response (CPR) Program to Jews for Jesus. We work closely with Jewish Federations, JCRCs, JCCs, Boards of Jewish Education, Hillels, Teen Initiatives, synagogues, youth groups and other agencies in numerous cities.