Are You a Candidate for Recruitment?

"No one JOINS a Cult - they are RECRUITED" Most people assume that if someone gets caught up in a group or organization that appears "unhealthy" or "cult-like" they must have been weak or emotionally unstable and vulnerable to begin with. The reality is, that at any given moment, in any day, each one of us can be targeted and recruited by highly charismatic, well trained individuals who are on the look out for a new "recruit." Individuals who prey on other; who consciously misrepresent themselves and incorporate strong "sales techniques" and psychological pressure; who consciously lie to entrap an unsuspecting person, are classified as "predators." Predatory and Cult groups come in all shapes and sizes - they can be:
  • Religious/Bible- based
  • Transformational/Psychotherapy/Human Potential - Self-help
  • Professional/Business/Commercial based
  • Political/Terrorist
  • New Age - Meditative
  • Satanist/Occult
It is not easy to distinguish what is a destructive "cult" from other groups. A cult is defined by its ACTIONS and BEHAVIOR - Not By Its Ideas and Beliefs. Things to look for in a HEALTHY Group/ Organization and Relationship:
  • Are they open and honest about WHO they are; WHO the leader(s) is?
  • Are they open and honest about WHAT their group represents; their ideology and agenda(s); maintain a mission statement that is consistent to their actions?
  • Are they open and honest about WHERE they meet and how often?
  • Are they forthright about what is expected of you and their members, whether it is time and financial commitments; social obligations?
  • Do they allow you time to think over your commitment and affiliation without coercion or the use of "guilt-trips"?
  • Do they respect you should you decide to leave/resign; allow you the dignity to "just say NO" without negative implications and feed-back?
  • Do they have built-in controls and monitoring systems in place should any abuse and misconduct occur by its leader(s) or membership body?
  • Do they maintain complete transparency on all financial matters?
  • Do they respect you and your commitment to your family?