Any Messianic Visions in your neighborhood?

Messianic Visions, a 13 million dollar a year missionary group targeting Jews for conversion, continues to expand their reach into the Jewish community. Their recent purchase of a multi-million dollar media and mentoring center in Charlotte, North Carolina, means that they will be relocating their headquarters from Brunswick, GA to Charlotte.

As Sid Roth, the Jewish born president of Messianic Visions proclaims," ...the Jewish people require a sign, miracles. With what's happening in the world today, we are truly living in end times. In the midst of this, our ministry has seen more Jewish people come to the gospel than ever before ...let my Jewish brethren walk in signs and wonders...this will make Jewish people jealous to want to know Jesus (Yeshua) ...[and] as Jewish people turn to Yeshua, G-d will cause a mighty Gentile revival like never before!"

Last year, Messianic Visions launched their "Project 77", a campaign to distribute more than 2 million free copies of "They Thought For Themselves: The Story of Ten Amazing Jews" to Jewish homes across America. To date, nearly a half million homes have already received it. The book, which first appears to be a motivational piece, is in reality, the story of ten Jews who converted to Christianity. Additional, Messianic Visions has recently launched a companion web-site, based on the book.

DON'T BE FOOLED - Sid Roth's Messianic Visions is only one of the HUNDREDS of missionary groups who are moving into Jewish communities around the world - with the sole intent of targeting Jews for conversion.Whether they call themselves 'Fulfilled Jews', 'Completed Jews', or 'Messianic Jews', they are all the same: believers in Christianity theology and, are no longer considered a part of normative Judaism.

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