How The Romans Continued To Persecute The Jewish People

The Romans were ever vigilant against a Jewish insurrection.  Tenacious in their loyalty to ancestral beliefs and customs Jews presented Rome with a unique security problem, once their religious sensibilities were aroused.  Moreover, there was the Jewish refusal to practice the formalities of state worship.

Original Persecution of The Jewish People Beginning With The Romans

The last week and its aftermath

Verse 27. And it [the Roman government] shall make a strong covenant with many for one week; and during half of the week it [the Roman government on account of its successful military campaigns] shall cause sacrifice and meal offering to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall be that which causes desolation; and that until decisive destruction shall be poured out upon that which causes desolation.

Getting The Events Straight From Daniel

The second part of verse 26 is a sweeping historical synopsis of events leading to the destruction of the Second Temple.  This is the tragedy encapsulated “and the people [the Romans] of the leader [Pompey] who is to come, shall destroy [under Titus]” that is, the years 63 B.C.E. to 70 C.E.  The encounter with the destructive forces of the Roman Empire did not begin with the Jewish Revolt but go back to Pompey’s attack on Jerusalem and the Temple.

Debate Over Who Is God’s Anointed

It is said that when Jesus supposedly ascended to heaven every one of the six objectives to be accomplished had been fulfilled.  It is said he fulfilled all of the prophecies of the Jewish Scriptures.  Well, except for those he is going to fulfill when he comes back, whenever that’s supposed to happen.  A review of the supposed fulfillments finds he fulfilled nothing.