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The mission of Jews for Judaism is to strengthen and preserve Jewish identity through education and counseling that counteracts deceptive cults and missionaries and promotes critical thinking.


Because of the fierce proselytizing in Israel today by evangelical Christians, I share your page often. Keep up the great work. You are the number one force against the reckless "Jews for Jesus" movement.

Your presentation helped our URJ members feel that they are not alone in the struggle and that they have someone to turn to with real expertise...I was especially grateful for your sensitivity and respectfulness in dealing with the needs of the Reform Jewish community.

The issues that you raised in your presentation are important for all high school students to hear...our students voted to ask you to speak again.

Thank you so much for an exciting and absorbing afternoon... in fact no one left early, an unusual occurrence at our luncheons.

Your lecture opened our eyes...we loved your presentation...we visited your web site and it is a wonderful supplement to your seminars... Jews for Judaism is a very good idea. 

Your remarks were enjoyed by the adults present ... but they were especially helpful to our teens who are all to often the target of conversionary zeal. I was surprised to see how many of our members purchased copies of your booklet.

A most informative, inspiring, motivating and, at times, shocking talk. A true wake-up call for our community...its message will have a lasting, practical and positive effect.


Your presentation was not only substantive and entertaining, but held the teens in attendance riveted in their seats. Aside from your extensive rabbinic knowledge, your diverse experience in scuba diving, skiing and martial arts was most impressive and engaging for the kids.

Your four session workshop was fascinating... our youngsters were mesmerized. You got "rave reviews" across the board.

Several kids commented upon how much they had learned and how interesting they found the whole presentation....the strategic suggestions you brought them are exactly what they needed

Your presentation was dynamic and perfectly geared for a class of bright, inquisitive 10th graders.

Your presentations were masterpieces of drama, wit, sensitivity and, most important, exceedingly informative. Additionally, you have literally saved for the Jewish people many who otherwise would have been lost to us.

All of our students were impressed and uplifted by your talk... We look forward to a continued relationship with your organization.

You were able to provoke meaningful and insightful questions from our young people, and, of course, you answered these questions with characteristic humor, patience and respect... In addition, you provided them with a clear sense of what is uniquely Jewish.

Your words touched our students and made an impact on their lives. We are very fortunate to have an organization such as yours.

Your presentation and manner were lively, engaging and informative... That you could maintain the interest and cooperation of the students for the two-hour session speaks well of your ability as a presenter and the accessibility of your presentation... the evening was tremendously successful

Your insight into cults and methodology of fundamentalist religious groups is penetrating... You  were highly relevant and accessible to our students... a most engaging and knowledgeable speaker.

Your unique presentation was both informative and engaging... after attending the program, we feel that many students are now better prepared to challenge missionaries and other high-pressure religious groups.. Your passion for Judaism has inspired our students.

You truly "rescued" our program and the boys were very captivated. Within your entertaining delivery, you discussed real issues that touched their lives in a powerful.

The students were really involved in the discussion...and left the program thinking seriously about the issues raised.

The presentation was informative and engaging. Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom… Your point about the vulnerability of even Orthodox kids to the methods of Christian missionaries was especially important and well taken.

Your session were captivating and well received, Your remarks were personal and meaningful; thought provoking and important.

Thank you so much for addressing our student body. The students found your presentation inspiring and memorable.

Presented in a caring and exciting way, you have a real knack for teaching children. It was a pleasure to have you here.

Your karate demonstration was superb as was your message to the children and their parents on the threat to Jews from Messianic Judaism.

I found your style of discourse to be engaging...sometimes riveting. I especially appreciate how personable you were, sharing stories from your own life to make your point.

Your message needs to reach as many of our people as possible and we are thankful that you were so well received.

Your varied presentation style full of humorous anecdotes, visual demonstrations, and audience participation captured the attention of the 150 teenagers in the audience for over an hour, while maintaining the integrity of your message. You have a true talent that only the top presenters have.

Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation. Your sense of humor and sensitivity were appreciated. We look forward to you returning to speak again.

The large attendance and positive reaction to your talk was overwhelming.

Thank you very much Jews for Judaism for your wonderful presentation to our Hebrew High... you conveyed very serious and sensitive information - with amazing creativity and extraordinary humor... The work of Jews for Judaism is invaluable.

Your expertise in this field and your engaging and humorous speaking style made for a fascinating presentation.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed your expertise... Jews for Judaism is a wonderful resource.


It was a real success convening over 250 people from our diverse organized Jewish community... your sensitivity and dynamic energy help clarify the many complex issues and consequences when Judaism and Christianity are disrespectfully misrepresented.

Thank you for sharing your expertise about missionaries... those who were present gained a great deal.

Our students loved hearing the stories you told about the duplicitous behavior of some of the missionaries. They especially enjoyed the clever ways you used to counteract the brainwashing you encountered.

Your presentation at camp this summer was superb. Your message is not only tremendously valuable, but is also inspiring.

We had a record attendance for your Jews for Judaism was truly a delight to see how well you related to our students and parents, involving laughter with story after story, while still stressing the concern that we must have with regard to deceptive cults and missionaries... you truly touched the lives of our families.