The Declarations of Jesus To His Disciples And Their Validity

Salvation was reserved for the select few
 Jesus claimed that he revealed the meaning of his esoteric declarations (the parables) only to his disciples (Matthew 13:10-11; Mark 4:10-12, 34; Luke 8:9-10).  Yet even that was untrue. Jesus knew very well that the disciples did not understand everything he told them (Mark 9:32; Luke 9:45, 18:34) and Jesus said and did things secretively so that the multitudes should not understand him.  Why the secrecy?  Why not a public proclamation instead? 

What You Don’t Know About The Trials of Jesus


Isaiah 53:7:  “as a sheep that before her shearers is dumb; and opened not his mouth”
The silence that was a bit too loud
Was Jesus humble and silent when he stood before the Jewish officials and then Pilate?  In these encounters, Jesus did not show the humility and silence with which Isaiah describes the servant in verse 7.