Analysis of Jesus Claiming To Be Pure And Sinless

Making the unsuitable suitable New Testament style
It is alleged that Jesus was spiritually pure and sinless and that his supposed sacrificial death was prefigured in the Jewish Scriptures by images and types (e.g. Isaiah 53, Psalm 22).   But who says he was spiritually pure and sinless?  Who says his death was prefigured in the Jewish Scriptures?  Only the tendentiously self-serving authors of the New Testament and their adherents!

This SIngle Verse Is A Conditional Statement You Have Missed

ISAIAH 53:10

53:10:  “If he would offer himself as a guilt-offering”

The suffering servant as a guilt-offering
Following the initial declaration that it was God’s will for the servant to suffer, the verse is written as a conditional statement.  If condition A is satisfied, then the outcome B will occur.  That is, the rewards of verse 10 are contingent on the servant’s willingness to offer himself as anasham, “guilt-offering.”  

Clear Facts About What The Jewish Scriptures Accurately Teach


53:6:  “the Lord has visited upon him the iniquity of us all”

The pre-Gospel church and its developing Christology
 The pre-Gospel church developed its christology by utilizing biblical passages.  The phrase “the Lord has visited upon him the iniquity of us all” found in Isaiah 53:6 was a significant source for the christological belief that Jesus died for the sins of the world.

The Legitimate Cause of Jesus’ Death

Not by blood loss
Presuming Jesus was nailed to the cross, did blood oozing from the nail wounds cause his death?  The Roman method of execution by crucifixion was designed as a punishment to be prolonged in order to serve as a lesson to both the victim and all onlookers.  Since no vital organ would be pierced crucifixion usually caused a slow death.  If the victim expired within a short time he would deprive his executioners of satisfactorily meting out the sentence in accordance with their concept of justice.  

Jewish Response

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