Is It Even Possible For One To Suffer For The Sins of Mankind?

Did Jesus suffer vicariously for the sins of mankind?
Jesus is often portrayed as suffering vicariously for the sins of mankind.  No support for such a doctrine is to be found in verse 10.  The verse does not say that the servant offered himself on behalf of others.  Absolutely nothing is said about offering oneself for other people’s sins.  

This SIngle Verse Is A Conditional Statement You Have Missed

ISAIAH 53:10

53:10:  “If he would offer himself as a guilt-offering”

The suffering servant as a guilt-offering
Following the initial declaration that it was God’s will for the servant to suffer, the verse is written as a conditional statement.  If condition A is satisfied, then the outcome B will occur.  That is, the rewards of verse 10 are contingent on the servant’s willingness to offer himself as anasham, “guilt-offering.”