Jewish Home Improvement

Creating a Solid Spiritual Foundation It is well known that our homes are the center of our Jewish lives. How do we transform our homes into sanctuaries that radiate peacefulness and spiritual vibrancy? In order to ensure that we pass on our heritage and values to the next generation, our homes must be places that [Read More]

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Nov.18 growth poster

Jewish Spirituality and Personal Growth

The Midrash teaches that the Torah was only given in order to refine and transform us. A critical aspect of Jewish spirituality is the lifelong project of actualizing our personal potential and repairing our negative personality traits. This program explores some of Judaism’s profound teachings on understanding our ultimate purpose in life and practical approaches [Read More]

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The Passion of Judaism

The Torah urges us to take those things we know intellectually and to work on feeling them deeply. While head knowledge is critical, we ignore the emotional component of Judaism at our own risk. This talk deals with the critical importance of having a passionate, heartfelt connection to Judaism.

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The Disputation

In 1263, the great rabbi Moses ben Nachman was forced to debate apostate friar Pablo Christiani in the court of King James of Spain. For four days they disputed the central issues that divide Judaism and Christianity. As a result of winning the debate and publishing his account, the rabbi was forced to leave the [Read More]

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When you hear Hoofbeats 2

When You Hear Hoofbeats, Think Horeses, Not Zebras

Conspiracy theorists are driven by ideologically driven agendas that obscure their perception of reality. They tend to see what’s not there and don’t see what really exists. This lecture examines how this dynamic plays out in the thinking of Holocaust deniers and those who advance conspiracies surrounding the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and [Read More]

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Exploring Jewish Meditation

While there is widespread interest in the practice of meditation, there is an equally widespread misconception that we must go outside of Judaism to find any guidance. This program provides an introduction to Jewish wisdom dealing with the nature and importance of meditative practice. We examine the cultivation of Kavanah (mindful awareness) as well as [Read More]

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