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Dear Rebbe, I have a story for you. The following letter was sent to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson ZT’L Exactly ten years ago, I met my soulmate. Without going into great detail about our religious backgrounds, I will simply tell you that I was raised a Protestant and later joined Catholicism, and [Read More]

Seeing God

My three-year-old son was watching me pray one day, trying to imitate my movements, pretending he was also praying. Then out of the blue, he blurted out, “Daddy! I just saw God’s feet.” I didn’t know what my immediate response should be to this, but quickly I decided that truth was my best option. “Yehuda,” [Read More]

Shared Values – The Noahide Laws

The Torah is considered a blueprint for the life of all humankind. When the Torah was given at Sinai and explicated by Moses over the next forty years, it resulted in a system of laws that, according to the traditional count, has 613 commandments for Jews, and seven for non-Jews. It may appear at first [Read More]

What is a Noachide?

What’s a Noachide? The Seven Universal Laws that were conveyed to all of mankind through primordial man (Adam) and handed down to Noah, form the basis of God’s moral expectations of mankind transmitted through the Torah. Those who choose to live by these principles are “Noachides”.